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China to cut down 20% pesticide usage by 2015
Updated:2011/7/1  Browse:8510


        Recently, China Ministry of Agriculture has encouraged professional management on pests by cut down pesticide usages and aimed at reducing 20% pesticide use by 2015.
       The MOA required: to reduce chemical pesticide usage by 20% on major crops; to foster 20,000 specialized groups in crop protection operation ; to improve control capacity of over 6.67 million hectares; 30% of the major crops will be managed through professional integrate management; 15% coverage of professional management on some cash crops; full professional management coverage on rice and wheat growing regions and some fruits & vegetables growing region as well as of major pests and diseases.
       China currently sprays 13.4 kg of pesticide on every hectare, 60-70% of the residuals remained in the soil. Experts pointed out that professional management on pests and disease could reduce pesticide usage by 20% while quintupling the effect. For example, the yield could increase by 750 per hectare and 500 per hectare on rice and wheat crops by scientific and professional management of pests and disease.


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